...what the critics are saying about

North Shore Music Theatre,
Beverly, Massachusetts

August 5 - 24, 1996

North Shore Sunday
August 11, 1996

"The show is compelling on many levels. It's beautifully staged, evocative of old London and composer Phil Hall and lyricists David Levy and Leslie Eberhard offer a full set of enjoyable songs, from touching ballads like 'In Your Eyes' to lusty music hall songs like 'Take What You Can Get.' The writers do a good job of tilling the fertile ground of two divergent personalities battling within all of us."

The Patriot Ledger
August 13, 1996

"A breathlessly romantic version...the scenes between Hyde and the song-and-dance girl Lily have a seductive and sexual power that leads to terror."

The Malden City Press
August 8, 1996

"A masterful presentation"

The Haverhill Gazette
August 8, 1996

"Complete with gorgeous costumes, excellent lighting, fascinating sets and nearly perfect voices. The duet 'Love Treats Us All the Same' is a treasure."

The Boston Globe
August 8, 1996

"Hall's music is tuneful. Greg Hill's sets are spare but capture the Gothic-Victorian milieu and Kirk Bookman's lighting shines some darkness effectively."

WLLH Radio
August 13, 1996

"What is wonderful about this musical is the beautiful music. The songs move the plot ahead. Particularly impressive is the staging. See this musical drama."

August 15, 1996

"Director Philip McKinley has staged this brilliant new musical in the round to stunning effect. This musical has a future!"

Boston Phoenix
August 15, 1996

"Composer Phil Hall supplies some pretty ballads (notably 'In Your Eyes'), and the ragtimey element of Hall's music-hall tunes is infectious."

Daily Times Chronicle
August 15, 1996

"Excellent music and lyrics add to the show's richness and depth."



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