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Miami Valley Dinner Theatre,
Springboro, Ohio

August 12 - November 5, 1995

Dayton Daily News
August 13, 1995

"If first impressions are truly crucial in the theater business, then Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is on its way to a long life and a bight future. This show, never done anywhere before, is bigger, bolder, and potentially much better than the Arthur Kopit/Maury Yeston Phantom. It's blessed with distinct characters; effective, believable dialogue; lovely and varied music; natural lyrics; and fabulously ingenious staging by Director Philip Wm. McKinley"

Englewood Independent
August 16, 1995

"The precisioned choreography of the 'dancing sets' [was] fascinating and mind-catching - the twirling, moving sets lead the audience on a journey into the heart of old London, a place so eerie and foggy one can feel the cobblestones under one's feet"

Columbus Dispatch
August 17, 1995

"McKinley [director], composer Phil Hall, and author-lyricists David Levy and Leslie Eberhard have fashioned an attractive musical"

August 17, 1995

"McKinley's [director] cast of fourteen actors and actresses become part of the set, whirling around set pieces and then blending into the shadows while scenes transpire around them...an almost cinematic style. Composer Phil Hall has created some hummable tunes - most notable are 'Life at the Bottom of the Glass' and the powerful ballad 'In Your Eyes.'"

Franklin Chronicle
August 22, 1995

"Another smash hit is in the making with the new romantic musical thriller, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, ...an exiting and fantastic show using a classic story with a new twist...the show's music and visual effects were the most appealing parts...the show is impressive and will be talked about fondly for a long time to come."

Fairborn Herald
August 30, 1995

"And now audiences can take in all the excitement of this new romantic musical thriller...complementing the show's exceptional drama is its equally dynamic creative team. Composer Phil Hall has composed a score of songs to blend well with the show's romance - thriller theme, such as 'Take What You Can Get,' 'Once More,' 'Hot House Rose,' 'Love Treats Us All the Same,' and 'In Your Eyes.'"

Cincinnati Enquirer
September 22, 1995

"A compelling and involving premiere, with a satisfying score and strong production values...a dark, sexy take on Jekyll, with obsession the engine that powers the drama...with both telling lyrics and strong, unsentimental performances...the score is filled with songs you could probably whistle or sing on a second hearing. 'Pushing Back the Sky' is an anthem in the grand stage musical tradition; the music hall numbers and the love song 'In Your Eyes' are winners. This show deserves a future."


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